Cutting customer costs and lead times is becoming standard practice

top drive service loops being packaged

13 / 07 / 2018

Cable Solutions worldwide has delivered another power loop package with huge budget savings ahead of schedule for a deep water semi-submersible rig deployed in West Shetland. The new client took ownership of the order four week early, taking just 6 weeks for the design, manufacture, QA and delivery.

Significant savings over our competitors, with 25% more efficient lead times

Graham Ross / Business Development Manager commented ... "Our unique and exclusive partnership with Nexans AmerCable gives us the capacity to offer a managed solution for the design, manufacture and rapid delivery of top drive service loops to global markets. A short survey carried out has delivered rewarding results for Cable Solutions, with figures indicating significant savings over our competitors, with 25% more efficient lead times. Combined, these figures show the strength of our partnership and our commitment to deliver the best service on the market."

power loops boxed for delivery