Unique ‘Micro ROV’ tether cable supplied to major ROV manufacturer

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10 / 08 / 2018

Manufacturing the micro ROV tether cable involved considerable research of past design and field developments.

The tether cable that connects the ROV with the controller significantly affects the underwater performance of the ROV, and it's vital that the cable ensures a stable signal transmission during subsea operation.  Strength is always a major factor, yet flexibility was the main feature in our design.  It was also important that the tether cable was neutrally buoyant, reducing drag on the micro ROV, helping the vehicle run smooth with less water resistance and loading.  The tether cable needed to be unique in many ways, and we relied on our design, manufacturing and materials experience to provide a flexible, yet mechanically robust product.

Our micro ROV tether cables are available in various designs with Vectran braid to suit various applications.  We can manufacture lengths up to 1000 meters and if required, tailor the tether cable’s buoyancy or provide a positively buoyant material. Our  neutrally buoyant tether cables are less prone to entanglement on subsea obstacles and objects, therefor less likely to damage sensitive marine structures like coral, and thats good news for everyone.

subsea ROV with tether cable