Pre Terminated Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Pre Terminated Fibre Optic Assemblies
Cable Solutions Worldwide specialise in the design and supply of reliable and performance pre-terminated fibre optic assemblies for the most demanding onshore and offshore environments. Pre-terminated fibre optic versions with any combination of cores or armouring arrangements can be supplied and delivered quickly to any region worldwide. These fibre optic assemblies can be made to any length with full protection to ensure operational durability and integrity.

Cable Solutions Worldwide stock and distribute fibre optic cables designed for Oil & Gas, Subsea / Marine, Ship-building and Renewable Energy onshore and offshore applications. All fibre optic cables are offered with a galvanised steel wire braid and a choice of either a standard LSOH jacket or a mud resistant LSOH polyurethane jacket.

Our fibre optic cables are stocked in either 4, 8, 12, 24 or 48 fibre configurations and the diameter of the cable remains the same whichever one you select. The polyurethane jacket offers enhanced chemical and mud resistance.

Cable Solutions Worldwide also supplies patch panels to suit; loaded or blank. A full range of SC and ST type connectors and the relevant test equipment is also provided.

Typical Industry sectors include: